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How safe is to invest in Real Estate?

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

When you have your savings over $20,000 in your Bank, right after that you start planning where to use that money. Most of People plan vacations, thinking to buy new car or shopping. But No one thinks about to invest those savings into Real Estate. The fear factor of losing money in Real Estate is bigger than to think about profit.The other main issue is lack of knowledge about Real Estate investments. Before doing an investment into Real Estate over 75% of people talk to their relatives or friends about it. But friends and the family, who never have their own investments or knowledge into Real Estate will mostly advice you not to go ahead with Real Estate Investments. The reason behind it , they have same fear factor as you have. So they are unable to encourage you to step into Real Estate Investments. People don't like to talk to the Realtors, Because they think that realtor might give them wrong advice & may invest your money into wrong pre-construction project or Real Estate just to make their own commissions. But the truth is hesitation to get out of your comfort zone & dare to take few steps & put your savings into investment.People who are investing in Real Estate are growing rich and they don't want to disclose the secret of their success to anyone else. If you ever get chance to get statistics of housing market, pre-construction condo projects or re-sale condos , you will find out clearly that profits are gone up over 50% in recent years. Prices of condominiums, houses got doubled & investors made millions of dollars in a span of 4-5 years. if you are still thinking about investment and dare to go ahead, talk to a real estate professionals, who have personal experience in real estate investments & Real Estate experience over 10 years. If you have any questions, Please comment below.

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