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VuPoint Condos in Pickering


May 26, 2026

Deposit Structure:

  • $5,000 at signing Balance to 5% in 30 days 5% in 90 days 5% in 270 days 5% in 540 days 1% on occupancy *Contact Sales Rep for International Deposit Structure

Assignment Incentive:

o No fee to Vendor o $1,500 + HST to Vendor’s Solicitor


Approximately $0.58/per square foot

(Hydro, Water, Thermal separately metered)

Rogers Bulk Internet & Smart Home - $41.81/month

Parking Maintenance fee - $49.95/month

Locker Maintenance fee - $19.95/month

Click the link below to contact us for more info, Type VuPoint in Message section:

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